St Simons Island Divorce and Family Law Attorney

St Simons Attorney working with Parents to Make Divorce Easier on Children

Even in the best of times, divorce is a difficult experience for families. Uncertainty, change, tensions, fighting: it can take a long time for things to feel normal again. But as hard as divorce is on parents, it is especially hard on children. Unsure of the cause of his or her parents’ breakup, a child will be confused, scared, and sometimes even blame him or herself for the end of the marriage. How can you maintain a sense of sanity while also making the transition through a divorce easy on your child?

St Simons, Georgia Divorce Attorney, Carrie Murray Nellis, has made it her life’s work to make the safety and well-bring of children her top priority. In all areas of her work, whether it’s adoption, child custody, or divorce, Georgia Child Advocacy Lawyer Carrie Murray Nellis works with families to make sure that the interests of the children in question are attended to.

Divorcing with Children is Especially Stressful and Complicated

Carrie Murray Nellis knows this is a hard time for you and your family. She offers compassionate service so that everyone feels that they are being heard. It is easy to let days and weeks, even months, rush by while figuring out all of the complicated details of a divorce. Savannah, Georgia Divorce Attorney Nellis knows that making time to spend with your child needs to be a priority. Hiring top Georgia divorce lawyer Carrie Murray Nellis allows you more time for yourself and to spend with the children who need you, especially at this vulnerable time in their lives.

Insuring the Best interest of The Children

Fair custody and visitation rights are also paramount in the transition to a different way of life for your child. By being able to see both parents, the child can rely on a stability and familiarity in this time of change. Consistency in terms of rules and schedules at both households will also make the experience for your child easier and minimize attention seeking behaviors. For this, parents need to be able to communicate with each other and their children and feel that their personal needs for custody are being met. Skilled family law attorney Carrie Murray Nellis works with families to make sure that the parents and children are dealt a fair hand.

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