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Divorce is a situation that is difficult in every way; there is both the upheaval and change of a family’s situation, and there are often emotional, financial and physical stresses involved. Not only are you concerned about the emotional and financial impact the divorce will have on your own life, but you are also concerned about making the right decisions for your children.

Making the best custody decisions for your child begins with the best decision you can make when hiring an attorney. Contact the Murray Nellis Law Group today, at 912-238-1269

Making the right decision for your child now will impact that child’s future. That is why you need an experienced and compassionate child custody attorney to help you during this difficult time. Carrie has made it her life’s work to help protect children, always working toward their best interests. Call today to discuss your concerns regarding child custody and visitation. The sooner these issues are dealt with properly, the sooner you and your family can move forward, and the stronger your child’s emotional health will be.

Protecting Your Children’s Best Interests

Carrie knows the process of determining custody can be one riddled with all kinds of emotions. She does everything in her power to make the process as painless as possible. She works with families to determine custody rights for the parents, which can include split-custody arrangements. She also helps create visitation schedules, and she can help with the determination of child support arrangements.

She can also be part of the process after the initial changes have been made. For example, if circumstances change and the visitation schedule is no longer workable, such as when a parent moves out of the state, she can help with modifications of the existing schedule. It is particularly important that you work with an attorney immediately when these circumstances arise. If you wait until they have left, you will most likely have to pursue a court order modification under the laws of the new state of residence. This can often be complicated and lengthy. It is vital to have a top-notch and experienced child custody attorney on hand, someone familiar with your circumstances, because things sometimes do change, and you don’t want the child to be negatively impacted.

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