More and more families who find that they cannot have children are turning toward the surrogacy process to help them grow their family. The adoption process can be expensive and lengthy, and some people desire to have their own biological child. For these people, the process of surrogacy can be the best option available.

The term “surrogacy” refers to a paid legal arrangement in which a woman agrees to become pregnant, by a means of assisted reproductive technologies in order to give birth to the child of another person or couple, who are the intended parents. There are two kinds of surrogacy that a family can choose from. Gestational surrogacy is when a woman becomes pregnant due to an embryo transfer, and in this case, she does not have a genetic link to the child. The embryo is made through the process of in-vitro fertilization, using the eggs and sperm donated by the intended parents or donors they have selected. Your gestational carrier must be carefully chosen, and Carrie Murray Nellis guides you through the choosing, screening and selection process.

Sometimes, families use a method of surrogacy that involves the artificial insemination of a woman who agrees to be a surrogate. These types of surrogacy cases are handled similarly to adoption cases. In these types of cases, the surrogate is also a genetic parent, so there are then additional legal and emotional consequences to be dealt with and carefully handled, and sometimes, there can be more risk attached to this type of surrogacy. Some families find that this type is appropriate for them, but it should be approached with awareness as to the potential risks. Savannah, GA Surrogacy and Gestational Carrier Attorney Nellis consults with each client to help them determine the most appropriate surrogacy method for their family and particular needs.

There are a variety of surrogacy arrangements; however, surrogacy laws can be intensely complex and cumbersome when contracts are not drafted properly prior to starting a surrogate pregnancy. This is why it is so crucial to have an experienced and compassionate attorney on board for the entire process.

Savannah, GA Surrogacy Attorney Carrie Murray Nellis has the extensive knowledge you need, and has years of experience helping people with surrogacy contracts. She can help you determine whether it is the right method for you in your journey to build your family. Call her at her Savannah office today at (912) 238-1269.