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Welcoming a child into your life and your home is a joyful event.

Whether you are seeking a stepparent adoption, a domestic adoption, international adoption,  foster care adoption, or are interested in surrogacy, attorney Carrie Murray Nellis can provide legal assistance from the start of your journey until you welcome your child into your family.

The Murray Nellis Law Group

Every Child Needs a Loving Home.

Domestic Adoptions

We help families navigate the complex processes of domestic agency adoption and independent adoption, drafting adoption petitions, representation at adoption hearings, obtaining birth certificates and Social Security cards, and finalizing your adoption so you have the rights of a parent.

International Adoption

She will use her extensive skill and knowledge to ensure that the process is handled smoothly, and that you will be able to bring home your child. We work with you at every step of the way, navigating the labyrinth of paperwork to meet the requirements on the state, federal, and international levels.

Relative Adoptions

Adoption Lawyer Carrie Murray Nellis works with you to facilitate grandparent adoption or step-parent adoption. Avoid the difficult custody issues that can arise when you need to provide for a child or children who can no longer depend on birth parents.

Foster Care Adoption

If you are considering adopting a child who is currently in foster care, contact us. The Murray Nellis Law Group specializes in Tax Law. We can help you maximize your Adoption Tax Credits, both Georgia and Federal and speed the process along. Adoption Lawyer Carrie Murray Nellis works with DFCS and foster parents to ensure there are no steps left out of the adoption process.

Embryo Adoption

If you are considering adopting a child through embryo adoption attorney Carrie Murray Nellis can provide you with highly skilled, confidential legal services that will formalize your parental rights and maintain your privacy.


We help families with gestational surrogacy and Gestational Carrier Agreements. Adoption Lawyer Carrie Murray Nellis consults with each client to help them prepare all proper legal documents required by Reproductive Endocrinologists.

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Start your Journey. Welcome your new child into your family.

Adoption Lawyer Carrie Murray Nellis has spent years helping Georgia families who seek to adopt a child.  Get the expertise you need to ensure the process is handled smoothly, and that you will be able to bring your child home.

No matter what your situation may be, Carrie promises compassionate, dedicated service to ensure that you are able to welcome the child into your family and your heart. Contact us today to begin the adoption process.

Our Clients

What They’re Saying

Carrie is the only attorney I would trust with an adoption. She made herself available to me to offer encouragement and advice throughout our foster care journey, and once DFCS turned over our paperwork to her, Carrie went above and beyond to have my son’s adoption finalized quickly, yet with appropriate attention to detail and accuracy. After finalization, she helped with obtaining his new legal documents and has continued to be available to answer my questions as a new adoptive parents. Carrie’s heart for children and families is evident in her words and in her work.

Melissa Trussell

After our international adoption, Carrie was extremely helpful in completing our stateside paperwork. She was very knowledgeable about the necessary legal procedures and able to easily guide us. She also helped us acquire the state of Georgia birth certificate. We recommend Carrie to any family walking through adoption and the court systems.

Amy Fritchman

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