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Medicaid eligibility is going to be scrutinized soon

The process has been on hiatus for two years because of COVID. But the Federal government is pressuring the states to do a thorough review.
As soon as the COVID-19 public health emergency ends, people enrolled in Medicaid will have their eligibility redetermined, triggering a high risk of coverage loss.
Now is the time to act. We can help you and your family implement strategies to create eligibility through trusts to prevent unintended coverage loss.

Receive the maximum deduction for your charitable contributions

This is likely the last year to receive the so-called “above the line” deduction for charitable contributions for non-itemizers.

If you contribute to a charity before the end of the year in amounts up to $300 for single filers and $600 for married filing jointly, you will receive the deduction even if you don’t itemize. Itemizers also get the deductions. Give on or before December 31!

This is a great opportunity to bless your local charity. Try to find a local Charity who is doing good work in your community as opposed to funding large national Charities.

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