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Start your Nonprofit or tax-exempt organization the right way, the first time.

You are passionate about your cause and can’t wait to begin operating and serving an altruistic purpose, but you’ve found that the process of setting up a nonprofit and preparing the legal and tax documents is frustrating, confusing, and time consuming – you’re not alone.

The Murray Nellis Law Group has years of experience helping nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations address challenges unique to their sectors and optimize their operations at any stage from start-up, through expansion and maturity.

The Murray Nellis Law Group

Your Nonprofit Legal Adviser

Formation of Nonprofit
Legal Entities

We can help you draft articles of incorporation, apply for IRS tax exemption, and obtain an EIN number for your organization so you can receive donations.

Prepare Nonprofit
Corporation Bylaws

We draft appropriate bylaws for your nonprofit with rules and procedures for holding meetings, voting on issues, and electing directors and officers.

and Operations

We guide you to maintain the highest standards in operations, fundraising, board governance, and human resources and stay current with tax code changes.

Nonprofit Reorganizations
and Dissolutions

The Murray Nellis Law Group counsels on reorganization, mergers, and dissolutions of nonprofit organizations. Protect your principals, board, and staff.

Tax Planning and
Estate planning

We provide tax advice and counsel, to the board of directors, committees of the board relating to the management and operations.

Continuing Nonprofit
Support and Counsel

Focus on your mission. We’ll provide legal advice and guidance relating to your organization's management and operations year after year with specialized comprehensive legal representation.

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Accomplish your mission with our expertise

Schedule an appointment today to design a plan to start and run a successful nonprofit organization. We’ll make sure you and your team understand the process, the rules, and the boundaries. You will avoid stress, confusion, delays, and unexpected tax burdens.

We understand the importance of proper budgeting for nonprofit organizations. Ask about our competitive pricing and other programs that empower you to accomplish your mission without cutting corners.

Our Clients

What They’re Saying

I have worked with the Murray Nellis Law Group on a number of occasions. I have used them in the non-profit world and privately in our personal affairs. They practice what they preach and that is why I recommend them to friends and family. They offer quality and creative solutions.

Matthew Hendley

Gil has great patience and is informative and thorough. He worked with me at my pace without any pressure or demanding timelines which made the process enjoyable. Being referred to the Nellis’ who are Christian’s with a faith-based business was a win, win which resulted in much success. 

Christina Godwin

10.10.10 Talent

It was a pleasure working with Gil Nellis and his team when forming our non-profit organization. He was thorough and guided us in the steps necessary to be successful. He obtained the Articles of Incorporation in a timely manner so we could begin our mission in the Golden Isles. His expertise has helped contribute to a bright future for our community.

Rebecca Beach

Kids Port Museum

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