Tax Planning and Controversies

IRS tax matters are often urgent and almost always, overwhelming.​

Even a small tax oversight can result in lost tax payer rights, missed refunds, higher taxes, penalties, or even a levy on your bank account or property. Action (or inaction) can even put you at risk of criminal prosecution.

Qualified representation is crucial. Your tax attorney is more than just an advocate and confidant. Rely on the Murray Nellis Law Group to guide you through the complex legal processes of negotiating with the IRS.

The Murray Nellis Law Group

Problems We Solve

IRS Audits and Appeals

If you are being audited or want to appeal the results of an audit, contact us soon as possible. As your attorneys, we communicate with the IRS on your behalf and negotiate a fair settlement.

Tax Collection Defense

Unresolved tax debt? Why loose your home, wages, or other assets. Call The Murray Nellis Law Group, we fight for the release of liens, frozen funds, trust fund penalty, and find solutions for IRS collection efforts.

Tax Litigation

When disputing an IRS Notice in Tax Court, your will need competent legal counsel. Only those admitted to practice before the United States Tax and District Court can represent you in cases before these Courts.

Offer in Compromise

Some taxpayers qualify for an Offer in Compromise (“OIC”)—an option to settle your IRS tax debt. We can help you determine whether you are eligible and whether an OIC is right for you.

Installment Agreements

If you can't pay your outstanding taxes and do not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, call The Murray Nellis Law Group. You may be able to resolve your liabilities through monthly payments, often determined based on your ability to pay.

Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations

The Murray Nellis Law Group can represent your organization if your organization is audited or has been contacted by the IRS.

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Losing sleep over the IRS?

Schedule a complimentary consultation. An initial meeting with tax attorney Gill Nellis can save you sleepless nights and help you avoid making an irreversible mistake in dealing with the IRS.

When it comes to IRS tax relief and resolution, each situation is unique. We analyze your tax situation and tailor our legal counsel to obtain the best result and to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our Clients

What They’re Saying

My family and I, Lester Lamar Bennett, III, have used the Murray Nellis Law Group for over15 years.
There are many positive reasons that I would continue to use Gil Nellis as my lawyer, but the three main reasons that really standout are: Trust, Knowledge and Rapport. My family and I trust Gil Nellis explicitly. There is no reservation or doubt that Gil tells us the truth. Sometimes we might not want to hear the truth, but that is a guiding principle of Gil’s character. You win when truth prevails.
Gil won a significant case for us that no other lawyer had done because of his knowledge of law and his creativity in applying the law. There were two lawyers beforehand who did not succeed, but Gil used a clever legal angle and won! Winning this case meant a lot financially.
Gil Nellis has always treated us with respect and given us personal attention beyond the ordinary. Gil has an extraordinary gift of rapport with his clients. We felt like friends of Gil Nellis and indeed were knowing that he would still apply the law with fairness and legality with no special favors. Trust, knowledge and rapport are the main reasons that my family and I will always use Gil Nellis as our lawyer. These are the qualities that every great lawyer should possess.

Lester Bennett

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